Draws / Fixtures

Fixtures/Draws for the 2019 5-a-side competition.


NOTE: Senior draws – UPDATED with results from final round.

The Senior competition started on Tuesday 15th October, running for 10 weeks with the final night being Tuesday 17th December.

Open Men and Open Womens divisions were re-graded for rounds 6-10 based on results from the first 5 rounds (see links below).

Open Men Rankings after Round 5

Open Men (A Grade)
Teams: Rangadangas, Red Rockets, 2 Harry’s 1 Cup, Seedy Mexicans V3.0, Ben-Dover, Goonville Legends

Open Men (B Grade)
Teams: Liberty Lizards, Black Lions, Crewey’s Cool Club, Yeah The Mooys, Big Kicks, Villa Vipers

Open Men (C Grade)
Teams: The All Blecks, Kamikaze Pilots, Fig Jam, TNR, Scott Sterling!!, Balotellitubbies

Open Women’s Rankings after Round 5

Open Women (A Grade)
Teams: Bick Sitches, Hornettes, Cya Next Tuesdy, Toe Pokers, A-Team, Chicks With Kicks

Open Women (B Grade)
Teams: Where Is Jocko FC, Rangers, Strikers, Green Team, Goal Diggers, Scrambled Legs

Open Women (C Grade)
Teams: Smurfettes, Things Just Got Messi, Breakaway, Melons, Purple Rain, Vita Mummies

Open Mixed

Men Over 40’s

Juniors Mixed

NOTE: Junior draws – UPDATED with results from final round.

The Junior competition started on Thursday 17th October, running for 10 weeks with the final night being on Thursday 19th December.

U8 & U9



U12 (Group 1)
Teams: The Blizzards, The Chilli Peppers, Foots FC, Summerland Superstars, Fantastic 6, PotShots

U12 (Group 2)
Teams: Celtics, Freestylers, Italo Cinque, RonalDO-NUTS, Fusion, Liverpool FC


U14 (Group 1)
Teams: Puyol Pants Down, Nesquik, TBC, Not From Nigeria, Fanatics FC, Seven Heads

U14 (Group 2)
Teams: Underdogs, Liverpool, Team B, Leaf In My Drink, Lads On Toure, Annova


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