Draws / Fixtures

Fixtures/Draws for the upcoming 5-a-side competition.


Note: for the Open Men’s and Open Women’s only the first 5 rounds have been scheduled.

Open Men (Group 1)
Teams: Old Firm Favourites, Claustrophobic Mimes, Phets Best, Klopp Out, Sons Of Camo, Goonellabah Hornets

Open Men (Group 2)
Teams: 2 Goals 1 Cup, Trirro’s Trotters, Yung Choppers, Rangadangas, Crewey’s Cool Club, Piss Wrecks

Open Men (Group 3)
Teams: Yeah The Mooys, Blue Hornets, Lions, Plateau Pirates, Red Rockets, Valentinoes

Open Men (Group 4)
Teams: Liberty Station Lizards, Balotellitubbies, Seedy Mexicans, Czech Yourself, Jacob And Friends, Goonellabah Stingers

Open Women (Group 1)
Teams: A-Team, Rangers, The Green Team, Scrambled Legs, Bick Sitches, The Riots

Open Women (Group 2)
Teams: Kiss My Pass, Chicks With Kicks, Melons, Iconic, Toe Pokers, Villa Army

Open Mixed

Men Over 40’s

Juniors Mixed

U8 & U9




U13 (Group 1)
Teams: ABCDE FC, FIVE-ALIVE, Dopey Dora’s, PUYOL PANTS DOWN, Summerland Scorchers, Team X

U13 (Group 2)
Teams: Redbacks, Seven Headers, The Underdogs, Strike Force, No Left Feet, DemBellies



If you have any questions, please email us at scfc@scu.edu.au.